What They're Saying...


The Draft could not be a better introduction to a conflict that today's students know little if anything about. Alternately poignant and electrifying.” - Steven Bauer, Emeritus Professor of English, Miami University, OH

“I was privileged to watch a performance of The Draft with a group of students, which allowed me to fully appreciate how brilliantly the play made events that happened 50 years ago both real and relevant to the current generation. For our students, the experience was a revelation: they began to understand both the Vietnam War and current conflicts in a profoundly new and personal way.  As a member of the generation whose lives the play explores, I found the experience was no less powerful: the memories it calls forth, some long forgotten, are simultaneously heart-breaking and affirming.” - Elizabeth Preston, Interim President, Westfield State University, Westfield, Massachusetts



“Many striking, powerful moments…..For two hours, the room is a field, a battle, but only superficially; underneath, a national conversation is still taking place, and healing is happening too.” - Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network

“Provocative, sad, enraging, beautiful. I was moved to tears and riveted throughout.” - Hillary Goodridge, Roslindale, Massachusetts

“I was a child when the men in my community went off to the war, or didn't. You captured the confusion in my community so carefully and exactly. I feel so grateful to get to review/re-see that time in a way that feels healing to me. I pray many people get to see this work.” - Laura Ruth Jarrett, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

“If you can, see this show!” - Larry Stark, Theater Mirror



“Beautifully written and performed…. The Draft is one of the best tools for understanding the broad human context of the Vietnam War era and the racism and militarism at the root of U.S. foreign policy then and now.” - Maggie Martin, Co-Director, Iraq Veterans Against The War, Iraq War Veteran (2003, 2005)

“Moving, inspiring, soulful” - Pat Hynes, Director, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, Greenfield, Massachusetts