“What the hell am I going to do?”

The military draft during the Vietnam War created an agonizing dilemma for millions of young Americans. And the choices they made changed their lives forever.

Peter Snoad’s award-winning play, The Draft, dramatizes the real-life stories of 10 of those young people and captures the turmoil, division and passion surrounding a war that still has profound relevance today.

You can now purchase a live-performance video of The Draft. A companion study guide and the script of the play are also available.

  • If you’re an Educator, The Draft is a powerful tool for exploring a range of issues – from patriotism to the impacts of war and militarism, from the power of social movements to the changing role of the news media. You can show the video, have students read the script together in class, and use the study guide to plan and focus course work.
  • If you’re a Theatre Professional, The Draft is a dramatically compelling piece that can be presented on a bare stage with minimal props. The play is ideal for college and high school production because all the principal actors must appear to be of draft age (19-26). The Draft can also meet the needs of any theatre looking for a large-cast play with a social justice orientation and flexible casting options.
  • If you’re a Social Justice Activist, the video and script of The Draft are engaging resources for learning and discussion, especially with younger people unfamiliar with the Vietnam War era and its enduring legacy.

The Draft is based on Tom Weiner’s book, “Called To Serve: Stories of Men and Women Confronted by the Vietnam War Draft”.

Winner, Best Ensemble in a Play, 2015 ArtsImpulse Awards

Nominee, Best New Work, 2015 ArtsImpulse Awards

Nominee, Best New Play (Small Stage), Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE)

The Draft could not be a better introduction to a conflict that today's students know little if anything about. Alternately poignant and electrifying.”
- Steven Bauer,
Emeritus Professor of English,
Miami University, OH